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Beverly Hills Sexestethics | Dr. Perry Liu

Although Sexesthetics is at the very frontier of cosmetic surgery, extensive demand has led to the development of ever more effective and safe clinical transformations. Combining vast bodies of research in plastic surgery, urology, gynecology, and dermatology, Dr. Perry Liu is proud to offer these transformations at his SexEsthetics (Beverly Hills Office).

Interest in Sexesthetics is staggeringly high right now for two reasons: first, patients realize that they no longer need rely on pharmaceutical companies and adult novelties to ignite and sustain sexual pleasure. Their various pills, lotions, and gels claiming to improve sexual performance and the quality of sexual experience have proven to be either useless or only slightly effective. Secondly, social discomfort surrounding plastic surgery has diminished. As more and more people are taking advantage of modern surgical procedures to enjoy sex more fully, the former stigma surrounding plastic surgery has faded away. Now there is no reason to deny yourself from realizing just how confident a new body from SexEsthetics (Beverly Hills Office) can make you.

Dr. Liu provides these groundbreaking procedures in genital cosmetic surgery. Here, those seeking transgender transformations through Sexesthetics (Beverly Hills Office) know that they’ll receive the highest degree of medical care in the process. Patients seeking to enhance or rejuvenate their sexual performance can take advantage of the very latest in surgical breakthroughs.

Patients seek out Sexesthetics Beverly Hills for many reasons. Gender reassignment and transgender surgery has been improved and refined through the SexEsthetics techniques used at SexEsthetics (Beverly Hills Office). SexEsthetics effectively treats sexual dysfunction. At SexEsthetics (Beverly Hills Office), we also correct the signs of aging that can lower self-esteem. Conditions or appearances of the genital region once thought permanent and unavoidable can now be corrected. Some people simply want to achieve the highest sexual pleasure possible. Regardless of motivation, patients report an increase in sexual drive and confidence after these procedures at SexEsthetics (Beverly Hills Office).

Sexesthetics procedures addressing female genitalia include improvements to the appearance of the mons pubis and labia majora through liposuction, lifting or “tucking” procedures. Vaginal dimensions and texture can be altered to enhance the quality of sexual friction. Surgical tightening of the vaginal walls and muscles increases sexual pleasure. Vaginal folds can be enhanced, and the G-spot region can be expanded to maximize the the sexual experience. These surgeries are often performed at the same time by SexEsthetics (Beverly Hills Office) for ease of the patient.

Sexesthetics procedures addressing male genitalia commonly include phalloplasty, the enlargement in length and/or girth of the penis. Penile and testicular implants are possible. A device implanted into the penis, known as a penile prosthesis, can restore the ability to have and sustain erections in most men with Erectile Dysfunction. No longer do men need to wait for drugs to take effect or worry about their effectiveness; penile implant surgery bypasses these concerns so that men can achieve erection at any time. This allows for spontaneity in relationships and flexibility in initiating sex.

Dr. Liu is committed to providing the very best surgical enhancements for all his patients at SexEsthetics (Beverly Hills Office). The utmost care is taken in his practice to provide a safe and stress free path to personal transformation. There are many options for obtaining your desired look and performance. Dr. Liu welcomes your interest in these SexEsthetics procedures, and invites your requests for consultation in his SexEsthetics (Beverly Hills Office).

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