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Breast Surgery Overview At Dr. Perry Liu’s

Breast Augmentation

If you are looking to enhance the size of your breasts for a more womanly shape, you may consider a breast augmentation procedure. This procedure is widely recognized to be safe and effective, with results that look natural and one that women (and men!) will adore. Breast Augmentation, also known as mammoplasty, is a surgical…

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Breast Lift

Nature, Gravity and Mommy-hood can wreak havoc on a women’s breasts. Now you don’t have to be embarrassed at the shape, size, and condition of your breasts. Various procedures are available to rejuvenate your breasts, restore your figure, and make you feel sexy again. Augment small breasts or reduce large ones. Lift sagging breasts or…

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Breast Reduction

Breast reductions (or reduction mammaplasty) not only make your breasts smaller and lighter, but molds them into a more ideal breast shape. Skin, fat, and breast tissue are removed during this procedure. Depending on the technique used, the nipple areola complex, along with nipple sensation and the ability to breast feed, can often be preserved….

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Breast Lift with Augmentation (Mastopexy Augmentation)

For many women, neither a breast lift nor breast augmentation alone will achieve the results they desire. By combining a Breast lift with Augmentation, the breast will be raised, reshaped and appear fuller and firmer. Dr. Lui’s precise hands are excellent for the finesse and artistry that are required for this complex procedure.

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Inverted Nipple Correction

Many people, particularly women would like to correct their inverted nipples, either for aesthetic reasons or medical issues, such as infections, rashes or problems with nipple hygiene. Inverted Nipples are often congenital but can also result from scarring after breastfeeding, breast cancer, and other breast infections. This procedure is normally performed as an outpatient procedure…

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Nipple Reconstruction

Many individuals will undergo nipple reconstruction as a final step in breast reconstruction. There are various options available for Nipple Reconstruction and Dr. Lui will work closely with patients to determine which the best option for them is.

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Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Liu is committed to helping patients in their fight against breast cancer. During his training as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Liu trained with world-renowned micro-vascular surgeon, Fu-Chan Wei, and the world-renowned breast reconstruction expert and pioneer, Dr. Robert Allen. As such, Dr. Liu is able to offer you the latest and most…

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Breast Deformity Revisional Surgery

Capsular contracture is a condition when the capsule around breast implants get very stiff and tight. Symptoms of this range from mild cases where your breasts feel firm and hard, look normal and natural, and does not hurt or bother you, to conditions where the breasts are painful at rest and to the touch, looks grossly disfigured and abnormal.

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Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Modern advances in breast reconstructive surgery have made it possible to restore the female breast form and spare women the embarrassment and insecurity of going through life without their breast(s). It is tough enough having to fight and survive breast cancer, without also having to deal with the disfigurement and associated psychological repercussions. You are…

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