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Eyelid Surgery LA | Dr. Perry Liu


Looking for Eyelid Surgery in Beverly Hills? Choosing a qualified cosmetic surgeon for your eyelid surgery can be a daunting task. With so many seemingly reputable surgeons from whom to choose, how do you know which one will best meet your needs?

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Double Eyelid Surgery

For many men and women of Asian descent, cosmetic surgery is an important choice in their overall vision and appearance. The procedure, known as Asian double eyelid surgery, helps to correct eyelid creases to more closely conform to widely accepted aesthetic norms.

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Eye Ptosis Surgery

Eye Ptosis or a drooping eyelid is a condition affecting millions of individuals across the world, it even hits home in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Some cases are hardly noticeable and some so severe, damage to the eye and at worst case, blindness can result.

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Ptosis FAQ

Ptosis is a condition that that affects many people. From slight ptosis to severe, Dr. Liu can help. He is a micro-surgically trained plastic surgeon, this is important when it comes to ptosis surgery because there must not be a noticeable scar left after surgery that might obstruct your vision and micro-surgeons are trained in techniques that make this possible.

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Men's Eyelid Surgery

Although the procedure and technique are fundamentally the same for men and women who seek eyelid surgery, special consideration is taken to maintain the masculine facial eye and eyebrow structure. Men often seek a more natural appearing final result with a rejuvenated appearance rather than simply the appearance of looking younger.

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Upper Eyelid Surgery

Your eyes are your most expressive feature; they convey your emotions and can communicate more with one look than can be communicated with many words. Due to genetics and age, the skin above the eyes can sag, wrinkle and give a tired or droopy appearance but this doesn’t have to be the case.

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Lower Eyelid Surgery

Many men and women experience bags under the eyes, puffy lower eyelids and lower eyelids that droop. These conditions cause you to look older, tired or just worn down.

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