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Autologous Embryonic Stem Cells | Dr. Perry Liu

Embryonic stem cells are distinguished from adult stem cells by their pluripotency and their ability to replicate indefinitely. They are able to differentiate into all 200 cell types in the adult body. Adult stem cells, on the other hand, are multipotent and can only produce a limited number of cell types. As a result of their plasticity and unlimited potential for self-renewal, they are ideal for regenerative and anti-aging therapies.

Currently, there are only two potential autologous sources of embryonic-like stem cells… from banked chord blood from when you were born, or from your own bone marrow. They both contain embryonic-like stem cells that have properties similar to embryonic stem cells. These embryonic-like stem cells captures the key advantages of embryonic stems cells without the ethical/moral dilemmas associated with sourcing true embryonic stem cells, and also avoids the negative biological effects associated with stem cells of embryonic derivation, such as autoimmune problems and unregulated cell growth.

Unlike using stem cells from fat or other sources, NeoStem’s VSEL technology have allowed us to source and separate out a unique population of pluripotent stem cells with unparalleled cellular regeneration potential. These stem cells allow our treatments to go beyond the paracrine effect, yielding cells that actually differentiate into the target tissue, resulting in true cellular regeneration.

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