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Stem Cell Therapy Summary | Dr. Perry Liu

The future of Medicine, Aesthetics, and Anti-Aging therapies reside in the realm of Stem-Cell based treatments. Recent advances in both animal studies and human clinical trials have shown the great potential stem cells hold in breaking through current barriers in medicine.

Stem-cells contained the unfettered potential to develop into any type of cell once directed to do so by your body through cell signaling to rejuvenate and augment your tissues. There are a variety of sources, including both your fatty tissue and bone marrow. These stem cells can be grafted into your face or body to augment your body’s deflated and sagging tissue, improving skin quality, soft tissue volume, skin elasticity, and tone. Dr. Liu has designed and developed state-of-the-art therapies.

Stem cell based treatments have achieved previously unimaginable results. Diseased cells can be restored to health and life spans that would otherwise have been cut short because of genetic flaws can be restored to length. This promise of rejuvenation and restoration has application beyond the realm of disease treatment, revolutionizing the field of medical aesthetics and anti-aging.

At our center for stem cell rejuvenation and anti-aging, we use a novel and proprietary form of autologous stem cells that are derived from your own body. This special population of stem cells has been shown to not only have pluripotentcy, but are genetically programmed against uncontrolled growth.

This population of autologous stem cells has the potential to restore and rejuvenate aging cells, replace damaged cells, and restore your body’s vitality. One no longer has to subject oneself to the biological risks associated with either animal or embryonic stem cell based treatments. One no longer has to subject oneself to the moral and ethical dilemmas associated with embryonic stem cells. Regenerate and rejuvenate you body using your own stem cells, which can be stored up to 20 years.

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