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Surgical After Care | Dr. Perry Liu

Surgical Aftercare

While having plastic surgery is exciting, it is important to have someone be able to care for you immediately after surgery. Friends and family members should be available to assist you. If you are staying at a private hotel without friends or family available to assist you during the post-operative recovery period, our patient care coordinators can arrange for private duty caregivers to assist you.

Or alternatively, our patient care coordinator can arrange for you to stay at a nearby aftercare facility.

Rest assured, Dr Liu will be by to check on you regardless of where you stay. He will also be available for any post-operative issues and/or questions.

Pearl Recovery Retreat

Guests at Pearl Recovery Retreat experience the most luxurious Beverly Hills surgery recovery center experience available, with all the amenities of a top-notch wellness retreat. Their mission is to pamper you and provide tranquil, confidential after surgery care. Pearl Recovery Retreat is located in the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills, a 5-star boutique hotel convenient to many Los Angeles medical centers and hospitals. Our state-of-the-art after surgery care facility maintains a serene environment where guests receive the best service 24 hours a day.

Pearl Recovery Retreat enables patients to heal after surgery in a tranquil, luxurious environment. An upscale wellness center located in Beverly Hills, Pearl unites top-notch medical care with high-end spa amenities to guarantee guests a safe, speedy, and enjoyable recovery. Recognizing that rest and relaxation are crucial components of healing after surgery, Pearl’s founders set out to create the ideal setting for recovery. By meeting all of their patients’ needs and desires, Pearl allows guests to focus solely on the recovery process.

Surgical After Care
  • SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills

  • Pearl Recovery Retreat
  • 465 South La Cienega Blvd Suite 375
  • Los Angeles, CA 90048
  • (310) 331-8786
  • www.pearlrecoveryretreat.com

(310) 855-3960

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