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MTF Top Surgery | Dr. Perry Liu

The transition from male to female includes the surgical creation of a lovely, feminine look to the face and neck. Every patient has a unique physiology and facial structure. Planning MTF top surgery requires a customized surgical procedure to address these unique aesthetic issues. The procedures required may include one or several of the following:

Tracheal shave:

To create a smooth, feminine neck appearance often requires what is termed a “tracheal shave.” This delicate surgical procedure is employed to reduce the appearance of a visible, protruding Adam’s apple. A careful, exacting removal of excess cartilage from the larynx will smooth and recontour the neck to create a feminine appeal.

Forehead recontouring:

The location of the hairline may need to be altered to create a feminine appearance. This procedure may involve lowering and changing the configuration of the hairline, along with a procedure to smooth deep forehead creases if needed.

Chin and jaw recontouring:

The male jaw has specific characteristics, typically more square and defined, while the female jawline is softer, rounder, and less defined. To facial feminization, it may be necessary to recontour the chin and jaw as part of the transition process.

Lip lift and enhancement:

The male lip structure may need to be altered to appear more feminine. Women have a shorter distance between nose and mouth, and the teeth are more visible. In this procedure, the lip is altered so the inner portion is “rolled out” so that more of the lip structure is visible, increasing lip size and projection. Customized lip enhancement procedures may be part of the process to create a “cupid’s bow” or full, pouty lips.

Brow lift:

Males have thicker facial skin, and tend to develop deep forehead creases or overhanging, heavy brows. In MTF top surgery, a brow lift may be needed to smooth deep creases, lift the brow, remodel the frontal bone structure, and create an open, fresh, feminine look.


Feminizing the nose structure is a common part of the full transition from male to female. Nose reshaping is one of the most effective and dramatic ways to create a feminine facial appearance, making the eyes appear larger and bringing a refinement and delicacy to the face.


Your facial structure may need to be altered to create a softer, more feminine and youthful look. Some of our patients who are transitioning may wish to add volume to cheeks with cheek implants, address lines, wrinkles and creases, and resculpt the facial contour.

Cheek augmentation:

High cheekbones are a beautiful feminine feature, and many patients may choose to add volume to the upper cheeks, either with the use of implants or with facial fat grafting techniques. Fuller cheeks are a sign of femininity, and if your face lacks this structure, it can be reshaped for a truly stunning look.

MTF Facial Surgery: Dr. Perry Liu in Beverly Hills

Dr. Perry Liu is an acclaimed MTF plastic surgeon who is honored to help patients achieve a truly feminine appearance with a scope of MTF facial procedures. The beauty and delicacy of his results has made him one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons for MTF surgeries.

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